Q-Relee (3 faasi)


Easy to Install
• Lightweight and simple
• DIN rail mount for quick installation
• Dependable load control
• Automatically resets when normal voltage resumes
• Can be configured to monitor 1, 2, or 3 phases
• Remote upgrade capability
• Easy to read status LEDs


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A mechanical disconnect is required in the Netherlands and Belgium. Relays can be used for this purpose. External relays for the IQ7 – 3PH are suited for three phase PV installations. These are mounted inside the PVBox or fuse box, on the PV side. Attention: For the three phase version, the power grid is connected to the bottom, the PV installation on the top. This is the other way around for the single phase version. In Enphase IQ installations, the multiphase Q Relay works with acts as a grid monitoring and disconnection device. The Q Relay physically isolates the IQ Series Microinverters from the grid when abnormalities are sensed or as required by grid regulations, and it automatically reconnects when valid grid conditions resume. The 4-pole Q Relay isolates all phase and neutral lines and works together with the Enphase Envoy-S gateway.





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