Enphase IQ7+ Mikroinverter (OTSAS)



Suure võimsusega nutivõrgule valmistatud Enphase IQ7+ mikroinverter lihtsustab märkimisväärselt paigaldusprotsessi, saavutades samal ajal süsteemi kõrgeima efektiivsuse. Enphase IQ süsteemi osana IQ7+ mikroinverter integreerub Enphase Envoy juhtkontrolleri, Enphase IQ Battery ning Enphase Enlighteni äpi jälgimis- ja analüüsitarkvaraga.

Selle tugev polümeerkorpus ja spetsiaalne Enphase kaablisüsteem lihtsustavad paigaldamist.


Toode on koos MC4 connectoriga.

Tehasegarantii 25 aastat!


Laost otsas

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The Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter is used for an individual module and mounted to the back. String inverters use an entire array of modules attached to a single inverter. Optimum efficiency, maximum reliability and extreme safety are core values for this micro inverter. The PV installation will also be ready for the future. Attention: The IQ 7+ can be used with modules with 60 and 72 cells.

Optimum efficiency

Solar installations using string inverters will not start generating energy until the sun has been up for a while. Systems using Enphase will start working as soon as the sun rises. A frequently occurring problem with solar panels in a string is when one module performs less, for example because of partial shading, the entire string will have a weaker performance. The string, or chain, is as strong as its weakest link. Micro inverters, on the other hand, are attached to a single solar panel. The benefit here is that a weakened performance of one module does not affect the other panels in the system.

Maximum reliability

If a single solar module completely loses functionality because of a defect, then that, for an installation in string, will lead to the entire string losing functionality. Using Enphase IQ 7+ Micro Inverters will prevent the other modules from failing as well and still have the system output power. Micro inverters also do not contain moving parts, partially because of the use of microchips. Contrary to traditional inverters, which could use for example active cooling, which involves moving parts. Moving parts are always more susceptible to defects and would then have to be replaced. Micro inverters do not have this issue and can even have up to 70% less components than string inverters. If the micro inverter stops functioning within the 25 year warranty period, it will be replaced without cost.

Extreme safety

Enphase solar systems, due to the fact inversion takes place for each module individually, have a safe AC voltage. This is because the voltage for each module is a lot lower than the total sum of an entire string. String inverter installations involve high amounts of DC voltage. In case of a failure with an Enphase install, which is directly attached to the circuit breaker, the flow of power will immediately cease. Other systems do not have this functionality, with for example the risk of electric arcs. Enphase systems also have an incorporated detection system that monitors wiring. This allows for immediate action in case an abnormality is detected. Micro inverters also do not produce any radiation.

Ready for the future

There are no extra requirements in case there is a need to expand the solar panel installation. In addition, because the Enphase IQ 7+ Micro Inverter containing a microchip, they are prepared for smart appliances.


Kaal 1.08 kg
Mõõtmed 17.5 × 21.2 × 30.2 cm



Enphase Energy



Max. DC- input capacity (W)

235 W – 440W +

AC Peak output power

0.295 kW

IP klass


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